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Wills and Estates


Drafting a will in Maryland is a small legal cost compared to rescuing assets for a family in a probate court. Assets without a will may cause several hundred dollars of unnecessary legal expense in order for the family to obtain a legal transfer of all your assets. Depending on the value and type of assets, a will is an inexpensive modicum to control the intent of the owner to the transfer of assets after one's death.

Estate Planning:

What is guaranteed in Life is Death and Taxes.

Estate planning is a process through which assets are organized to avoid having the assets being taxed after death. You should consult an estate planning attorney in Maryland to plan your future and transfer of all your assets according to your distribution goals without encumbering the expense of multilateral transfer and gift taxes. It is a complex process and requires detailed financial analysis and a plan according to one's goals. We work with several financial advisors to form an estate that is best suited for our client’s goals. Our client-centered approach and large network of advisors is geared towards the financial success of our clients.