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Business Law

Law Offices of Hass Bashir, LLC’s zealous and competent representation meets the demands of busy business owners requiring flexibility of cost and personalized service. We provide a full spectrum of services to business entities at all stages of business development. We work closely with business owners to design and implement their targeted objectives in creating their ideal business.

Our Law Firm counsel most savvy business executives to amateurs running or attempting to start up a new business enterprise. A new business enterprise faces multifaceted legal and business challenges. From selecting a right type of corporate entity that meets the intended purpose of corporate owners and corporate structure to licensing requirements, and from negotiating a commercial lease to developing corporate and partnership agreements, is all part of creating a prosperous and viable business structure.

Selecting a right type of entity and forming a comprehensive business partnership agreement can help save thousands of dollars and prevent or reduce losses from unanticipated or unexpected turn of events. By retaining legal services, business owners can protect their vested interest and their investment, and reduce personal liability from any loosely organized corporation.

We primarily focus on the following business areas:

  1. Entity formation;
  2. Contract negotiation and drafting;
  3. Corporate compliance issues;
  4. Internal investigations;
  5. Buy-sell agreements, and executing shareholder agreements, stock transfers;
  6. UCC filings;
  7. Business plan consulting;
  8. Franchise registration and disclosure;
  9. Employment related matters;
  10. Financing agreements, loan modifications; and commercial real estate leasing;
  11. Regulations, by-laws; and
  12. Reviewing commercial lease agreements, contract disputes, and other typical business agreements.
  13. Business Litigation