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Restaurant & Liquor License

A new legislation was enacted in Montgomery County to permit owners of beauty salon establishments to serve alcohol to their patrons. Legislatures also approved the provision that allows establishments to serve alcohol to the public for general fundraising events.

Montgomery County Legislatures are in the forefront to attract more establishments and business investments in the county. This legislation creates a new industry standard for all beauty salons to keep up with their competition and to attract more customers. In other states where a similar statute was promulgated, the salons with the alcohol license fared better in sales and higher retention rates. The salons serving alcohol had additional services requested while the patrons relaxed and enjoyed spending more time at the salon.
This new legislation only applies to beauty salons established in Montgomery County. A license to serve alcohol is not a right, but a privilege, and the county intends to assure that public's safety and welfare is not compromised by permitting salons to serve alcohol. Pursuant to Maryland Article ยง13-101, owners have to fulfill certain training requirements and complete a very detailed and comprehensive application to obtain a license. Certifications and classes are required and the County Board conducts an oral examination of the applicant or the manager. Applicants have to go through a formal hearing at the County Board in front of all county executives where they are tested to see if they understand the law.

The license to serve alcohol is only permitted for a "beauty salon" and does not include a barbershop or a clinic in a cosmetology school. A beauty salon is defined as an establishment where an individual practices cosmetology. The legislature provides several different areas of cosmetology practices to encompass a large variety of salons currently operating in Montgomery County.

Our law firm is well versed and knows the process of obtaining a liquor license for a beauty salon. We have streamlined the process: starting from scheduling Alcohol-Awareness certification and organizing an Alcohol Law Education Regulatory Training class. In addition, the application requires corporate charter paperwork including, but not limited to, affidavits, charter authorization, tax affidavits, and additional certification from Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation.

The liquor board licensing application and process can be daunting for business owners. After completing the application, beauty salon's application is reviewed by the committee before the committee submits the file to the Montgomery County Board for hearing and approval. If the committee finds an error, the application is delayed pending the submission of additional documentations, corrections of omissions, or amendments. Subsequently, a County Board schedules a hearing where five County Board Members will ask questions; unless the owner is represented by an attorney qualifying the witness will be up to the County Board. This process can be a very daunting experience for business owners. In the past, owners frequently did not answer the questions properly and the board postponed their applications. Our attorneys are experienced in this area and can help you prepare for these hearing. In addition, we can help owners better understand what the Board will be asking to obtain a license without undue delay.