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Child Custody and Child Support

Law Offices of Hass Bashir, LLC is one of the most efficient  Child-custody and Child-support law firms in Bethesda, Maryland (MD).


There are several factors in child custody law that a court examines to determine whether to grant a child custody to one parent over the other at times due to a divorce. It is a discretionary power of the court to decide, and which is difficult to win on appeal. Thus, in our experience, it is critically important to build a case strong from the beginning and by remaining professional and candid with the court to win for our clients.


Child support is a long term obligation of a parent for a well-being of his or her children. But it is subject of being taken advantage by another spouse who may have custody over the children prior is manipulating the child custody law. Maryland child-support is determined by several factors:

(1) Your current earnings;

(2) Average anticipated expense of a child;

(3) Prior history of children’s activities;

(4) Health issues of each child;

(5) Earning of another spouse; and

(6) Several other factors.

We utilize wide network of resources to determine what should be a reasonable child support that should not be abused by the other spouse. Please contact us for Child custody law information and legal advice.