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Divorce is stressful and emotional, luckily we have the best divorce lawyers in Maryland. Divorce may have long lasting obligations, (alimony), and commitments (child support) that if not handled properly results in drainage of resources, losing custody over children, and financial distress. We fight zealously for our client through our three step goal-focused approach to mediate issues of assets and child custody. If you are looking for a Maryland divorce lawyer, our goal-focused approach is simple:

(1) be professional and sensitive towards both spouses;

(2) mitigate damage for our client and focus on obtaining best possible outcome in distribution of assets and children issues; and

(3) remain cost conscious so the cost of litigation does not outweigh the cost of benefit for our client.

Several aspects of divorce should be handled outside the court. Through our negotiation experience, we are able to successfully obtain results with less cost. It is a time of sensitivity, respect, and professional attitude. Unlike many firms, we are not focused on billable hours. Our high profile divorce lawyer provides an effective service by focusing on our client's goals by negotiating and mediating issues outside the court, and eliminating expensive litigation.

Divorce can take some time, and meanwhile it may require that another spouse continue to live at the premises for some time and continue to receive several basic necessities by another spouse. Divorce can be dragged to several years for issues arising as to distribution of property and child custody. These type of contested divorce issues can be financially cumbersome and emotionally draining. We understand these issues and that is why we following our three step goal-focused approach.

If you decide you would like one of our attorneys to represent you, our divorce lawyers offer a Free Consultation.